Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Peter Gilmore Park Pictures


Anonymous said...

More on Peter GIlmore Park.

The sign outside the park clearly says NO DOGS, but pet owners love to walk their dogs at this park. The other days I was in the park with my son and a lady came to walk her dog, she was with her son who was playing around and the lady chose a spot below the slide structure, so that the dog can get his privacy and space to do his stuff. Now this is the place below the slide stucture where my elder son and his friends play pizza shop game and now I can imaging what they will be getting into.

Something really need to be done about this.

Anonymous said...

More on restoration/renovation of Peter Gilmore Park.

This playground is in urgent need of restoration/renovation. It is spring and kids have finally got a chance to play outside, but this playground is in a bad shape, with aged mulch which has become unlevelled. The most dangerous thing is there are broken glass pieces all over the park as well as the basketball playground next to the park. Also, the elders who play basketball in the playground just throw water bottles, glass bottles and other trash all over the playground.

On contacting the Waltham Recreation Dept., they took down my message and said that the concerned person would get back to me about it, but still waiting to hear from them.

Hope they do something about it.....